About us

Our Brand

Davena is an branding partner of Swarovski, using swarovski elements,insist on using luxury bright gem and crystal, make pure and beautiful crystal watches&jewelry, let every woman shining and moving. Time comes and goes, but romances are forever. Inspired by romantic stories, we breathe the air of "believing in love and sharing love" into our watches.

Our Future

Our Future It’s not just ‘our’ future. We’re including you in our journey. That’s why we strive to ensure all our Product meet your highest expectations – a quality that you deserve and a range of designs to match your character and mood. So, we can be confident that when you wear our Product.

Our Promise

We have satisfied thousands of our customers up to now. We offer various products on very reasonable price in online market. We are continuously adding more products to our line of business. We are very efficient and customer driven.
Our Products is 100% for customer’s satisfaction. We welcome all kind of comments and suggestions to improve our customer service that will give us an idea how to improve our services for you, there is always room for improvement.
We welcome all of you for better shopping experience.