Watches FAQS

Maintaining your Davena watch:

Q: How do I protect my watch and keep it looking new?
A: Avoid contact with greasy substances and cosmetics, sweat, perfume, soap, hair sprays, mothballs, detergent and harsh cleaning chemicals. This will minimise wear and tear on the plating including oxidation, fading and discolouration as well as other serious cosmetic issues.
Q: My white ceramic bracelet is discoloured. How do I make it look like new?
A: Over time, dirt and perspiration will accumulate and darken the bracelet, especially in the gaps. Simply return the watch to the company for a free cleaning.
Q: Is my watch waterproof?
A: Davena watches use an industry standard water resistance rating. They are not splash resistant waterproof and should not be submersed in water or worn in the shower or worn while washing hands. Exposure to excessive amounts of moisture may damage the movement, affect the appearance of your watch and may also cause the delicate Swarovski crystals to appear dull or result in them becoming dislodged.
Q: How can I ensure my mechanical watch keeps accurate time?
A: Self-winding watches should be worn every few days. To manually wind your watch, turn the crown clockwise about 15 turns. Without being worn or manually wound, your watch will run for about 36 hours before stopping. Note: Do not pull out the crown when winding manually.

Technical Details and Questions:

Q: What movements does use?
A: Two-hand models use movement types 203A, 2025 and VX00. Three-hand models include movement types 2035, 2039 and 5Y30. All models use either Miyota or Swiss movements except for mechanical models which use a Mingzhu movement.
Q: What materials is my watch constructed from?
A: Stainless steel, Japanese brass and ceramics. The back cover of your watch lists the construction material.
Q: What is the plating on my watch?
A: Platinum is indicated by the letters PNP. The back case is stainless steel and rhodium plated (RHODIUM) offering abrasion resistance. Rose gold, light gold and black are collectively IP vacuum ion plating.
Q: What material is the strap?
A: Straps are either Italian genuine on the leather upper and/or calfskin on the underside of the strap. PVC is also used for durability and comfort.
Q: Do the crystals in Davena watches come from Swarovski?
A: Yes. Davena watches incorporate genuine Swarovski crystals.
Q: How do I adjust the 6-pin multi-movement models (such as time, calendar & week)?
A: Release the crown one click to adjust the time. Release the crown two clicks to adjust the week and date.
Q: Which is best: copper, steel or ceramic?
A: Each material has advantages and disadvantages. Ceramic looks beautiful and is suitable for summer wear. However, it is fragile. High-density steel is more wear-resistant all round. Copper is less dense than steel but is easier to manipulate and therefore easier to incorporate small crystals and create innovative styles.

Quick Answers & Fixes

Q: What happens if the back of my watch comes off accidentally?
A: Take your watch to a qualified professional repair technician.
Q: What is the normal margin of error?
A: Generally, automatic and mechanical watches have a daily margin of error of +/- 60 seconds. For quartz watches, a daily margin of error of +/- 5 seconds is normal and is dependent on the watch movement used. Automatic mechanical watches should be worn 10 hours a day to expect normal operation.
Q: What are the warranty periods for the movement and battery?
A: In the case of issues caused by normal wear (this excludes exposure to water as detailed above), the warranty on the movement is 3 years and the warranty on the battery is 2 years. Removal of the bottom cover or replacement of the battery by a non-professional can cause damage to the movement and/or battery. If this is the case, the warranty is void.
Q: What is not covered under the warranty?
A: Leather straps, joins or links in metallic or ceramic straps, fading of plating, scratches to the case and user damage to the crystals caused by general wear and tear or improper use or care. Refer to service fees for more details about getting these areas repaired.
Q: What if my watch gets wet or I accidentally drop it into water?
A: Immediately remove the watch from the water. Stop the watch from operating by pulling out the crown. As soon as possible, send your watch for servicing to prevent damage to the movement and/or discolouration of the dial.
Q: How do I change the strap? Do I need a special tool?
A: Davena watch straps can be changed without special tools. Depending on the style you own, depress the raised dot near the clasp and either adjust or remove the strap when it is loose.
Q: How can I activate the watch warranty?
A: The warranty is valid only though authorized Davena  service providers. For more details, email us. (Make sure you have read and followed all the instructions on this page to ensure your warranty is valid.)