Within 1 year of the original purchase date, We shall be responsible for repair according to the warranty as described below:

1. Movement warranty 3 years, 2 years battery

2. Free repairs to correct watch manufacturing and functional defects present at the time of purchase and not attributed to wear and tear. We are not responsible for repairs or maintenance for the following:

3. Damaged or wrinkled leather straps, damage to metallic straps including damage to the links, fading of the metallic plate or scratches to the case and general wear and tear. Please note that electro plated surfaces may fade, oxidise or wear with friction and through air pollution. This is a natural phenomenon not covered by the warranty.

4. Outside the warranty period, repairs to damage caused by normal use or misuse that involve replacement parts will to be charged accordingly.

5. Please read the detailed instructions accompanying your purchase or on this website.